Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Trudging Along

Last Thursday I went on the most wonderful run ever. I had been inside trying to write a paper all day but having the worst writer's block. I glanced out the window and noticed the rain had stopped, so I decided to take a break and go for a run. I was really in the mood, it was the perfect temperature, and I was going along at a great pace. It didn't feel bad or or exhausting or uncomfortable, just nice. I broke out of my writer's block, had an epiphany about my paper, practically wrote the entire thing along my route. Even when it started to rain steadily, I wasn't grumpy. My idea to run 5 extra minutes to make it to my next goal was ix-nayed, but I wasn't stressed about it.

This week is a different story. I am dumb and because of an oversight, I got myself a week behind in my math work. Besides being rainy, this week has been frantic as I try to play catch-up, so I have only squeezed in one run so far. I headed out on Monday, and it was COLD. I wore sweat pants and a t-shirt, and my arms felt like ice cubes. That made me grumpy, and despite my good pace (hit the mile at exactly 10 minutes, which is perfect for me) I couldn't let my mind wander because all I could think about was how cold my arms felt, which lead me to thinking about how it was kind of hard to breathe and my legs were kind of tired.
Just as I hit the mile marker of my route, it started to rain again. This made me even more grumpy than I already was, and the lazy child inside of me took over as I stopped for a sulking walking break. Rationally, I knew it was totally unnecessary, as I am physically capable of running 1.5 miles, but running is so mental that I suddenly felt like it would be impossible to run the last half mile home. I allowed myself a short walk, then I ran some more, then I stopped for another walking break before running the rest of the way home. I still made it back in 15:30, so my two dumb breaks only added on 30 seconds, which is okay.

So, that sucked, but I feel okay about it. I know some days will be better than others, and as I get back into shape I will have more good days than bad. I haven't been able to get back out there yet since I've been trying to catch up with work, but I'm hoping the weather is a bit nicer tomorrow so that I can have some hope of squeezing three runs in this week.

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  1. Hope there is some nicer weather in the next few days for you to have a run, cute stuff!