Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Last night I signed up for my first 5K. I will be running Saratoga's annual First Night race on new year's eve. To demonstrate how amazing this actually is, let me paint a picture of me last new year's eve:

Dan was running First Night, so I trudged to the starting line with our friend (and reverend!) to support him. I brought my flask. I made fun of all the runners, and vowed that the only way I'd ever run is if a bear was chasing me, and even then I'd give up pretty quickly. After the race, I teased Dan for doing a cool-down jog. I was all "OOOOH, I'm Dan and I just LOOOVE running! I just ran a race and I can't stop!" 

What a difference a year makes, huh? 

I'm really excited and kind of nervous. I think the hardest thing will be keeping a good pace when surrounded by other runners. I'll just start way at the back. I'll be running with my friend, Simone, so I think it's going to be really fun!  

I was up really late last night, and then woke up really early this morning, getting only about 4 hours of sleep. I couldn't fall back asleep so I just got up and decided to go for a run. I was famished, though, so I had a tiny bit of oatmeal. I was worried about feeling sick so I wanted to eat just enough to not feel hungry. My bananas aren't ripe, I think that would have been better than oatmeal. I chugged a big glass of water (lesson learned from my last morning run) and headed out the door. 
The run was going well, I found a really good pace right away and stuck with it so I had good stamina. I hit 10 minutes, and decided to keep going to the next block before turning around because now that I'm going to be in a race, I'm training. I figured that worst case scenario, I stopped running at 20 minutes and walk the rest of the way home, and best case scenario I would run about 22 minutes this time. 
I ran and ran and got to 20 minutes without really noticing, when I looked down it was 20:40. I was like, "Oh hellz yeah!" I kept going, and when I got back to the apartment I was at 23:30. I figured, I've got this, and decided to run to 25 like a champ. I blew past my apartment, and set my sights on a white mailbox about a block away. I decided to run to that little guy. When I got there, I just turned around and ran home. And guess how long I ran????
Check THIS out!


It's so awesome. That totally blows my pre-summer record out of the water. And it's 12 and a half minutes more than I was running a week ago! Nothing like signing up for a race to motivate you, I guess! 
Today, I love running. Tomorrow? We'll see. 

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