Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Picking Up Momentum

Last night, I got a second wind and did level 3 of 30 Day Shred (sooo hard after not doing it for so long!). I really like 30DS because it's challenging, but quick-paced and I don't get bored. During level 3, I may or may not sometimes yell at Jillian through the TV. I then did 30 minutes of yoga. Confession: usually I do each yoga position to the best of my ability (which is usually laughable...I'm not very flexible!), but sometimes when I'm grumpy, I forsake the positions I hate for child's pose. Last night I replaced about 3 positions with child's pose.

Today we were hit with a snowstorm that really let me down--I was hoping for a nor'easter that would close everything down for the day (without knocking out our power, of course). My hopes soared at midnight when peeked out the window and saw that the snow had started--I woke Dan up to squeal, "It's snowing!!" I was unimpressed in the morning, though. There was less than a foot. It snowed all day so I couldn't run, but I took the opportunity to get some exercise by shoveling my car out even though I wasn't planning on going anywhere today. I figured it would help Dan out tomorrow morning when he gets up for work. We were plowed in, so I had to shovel around the car to get to it, then once I brushed off the car, I had to shovel again because there was so much snow. It took 30 minutes, and it was hard work! I wish I had more to shovel, it's such good exercise. Between 30DS last night and shoveling today, my arms and legs are burning.

It feels like I'm getting back into exercise more than I thought, so that makes me happy. Hopefully by tomorrow, they will have cleared the shoulders of the roads around here so I can go on a run. And this time, I won't forget to use my inhaler...sheesh!

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