Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rest Day

My arms and legs are sore from my last two days of exercise, so I've decided to take it easy today. When Dan gets home from work, we're going to go on a nice long walk, which I think will loosen up my muscles, but I'm not doing anything intense today. Except for working on college applications, that is.

I am really excited about the prospect of moving on to a university (I've milked just about all I can out of ACC--if I sucked it up and took a lab science, a 1 credit gym class, + 1 more class this summer, I would earn my associates degree) with an actual Spanish program so that I can jump into what I want to do when I grow up. However, the process of getting there is really overwhelming, so today I made a list of the steps I need to take to complete the application process and then dove in:

1. Complete my SUNY application and review it to make sure it's totally accurate [check!]
2. Decide on a "safety" school to apply to in addition to the two I actually want to attend [check! I decided on Oneonta instead of Binghamton because I think it is pretty easy to get into, and therefore truly a safety school]
3. Complete application part II for SUNY Albany & my chosen safety school (and relish in the fact that SUNY New Paltz only requires the SUNY application for transfer students) [overwhelming!]
4. Find the addresses for where to send my transcripts at each of the 3 schools [check!]
5. Submit transcript requests to ESC and ACC
...and then I'm done!

So, as you can see, I've done the easy ones, and I only have two steps left. I go back to school a week from Monday, and my goal is to have all 5 steps completed by then. I'm going to wait to get my student loan refund before I actually submit them--with the application fees and cost of transcripts, this is going to cost about $200. Sheesh! None of the schools actually require me to have a letter or recommendation, but I think that I will get one from my fave Spanish teacher for good measure.

I make lists like this all the time, because I tend to get overwhelmed. It really helps to lay out a plan when something seems so complicated that I want to give up. As soon as I broke the process into a few doable steps, I could relax a little bit.

Dishes time!

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