Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting Back Into My Routine (+ Motivation!)

Admittedly, I'm having some trouble transitioning back into my pre-brother visit routine. Eating well once again isn't the issue, in fact, I'm happy to be doing it (lots of eating out and eating poorly over the 3 weeks he was here was fun, but certainly didn't leave me feeling my physical best), but exercising is another story. Since my brother left 6 days ago, I've only been on two runs. I haven't just been totally lazy, as I've had something going on every single day since he left, but I'm a little disappointed with myself because I definitely could have exercised more.
The first run was on Thursday afternoon, with Dan. We ran around Saratoga for just under 3 miles. It was a good run, and Dan was being an excellent coach. I got bored quickly, as usual, and whined around mile 2, "Can I take a walking break now?" Dan asked, "Do you think you can run farther??" and I replied, grumpily, "YES." so there was no walking break for me. There were several welcomed red light breaks, but that was actually bad because I lost my momentum and then really wanted to stop running.
I just finished my second run, which was originally going to be about 3.25 miles, but I had to abort that plan when I realized I had forgotten to use my inhaler. I ended up doing about 2 miles, and it was a good run. I discovered a pretty obvious way to entertain myself during runs: audiobooks! Duh! Music doesn't really motivate me to keep going, and I find running to be extremely boring, but today I found a free audiobook app for my iPod and listened to the beginning of "Benjamin Button" on my run. It's a story I've been meaning to read (even though I saw the movie and didn't like it much), and it was a good choice. The person reading it had a deep, molasses-slow southern drawl, which helped me relax and keep a slower pace (very necessary when I've forgotten my inhaler), and I got really wrapped up in the story. It's much funnier than I remember the movie being. I'm only going to listen during runs, so if I want to know what happens, I guess I'll have to get back out there!

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