Sunday, December 12, 2010

Efficiency Rules!

Sundays are usually the worst day ever because I have to go to work at 6am. I can't sleep on the nights that I don't have to get up until 9, so you can imagine the lack of sleep I get on Saturday nights. Today was the weirdest day...I got a good night's sleep and was totally productive after work! My efficiency level was at 110%.
I attribute this awesomeness to the fact that I had the brilliant idea of dosing myself with benadryl last night. I never take allergy meds, not even non-drowsy, because they make me sleepy. I don't have allergies, but it occurred to me that I could harness this power and use it for good. I took it at 8:30, was asleep by 9:30, and woke up at 5:12, 33 minutes before my alarm went off. I laid in bed for a bit and then realized I was awake, so I got up. I felt so much less miserable at work all day because I wasn't exhausted!
When I got out of work, I didn't need my usual nap, so here's what I accomplished:
-I went grocery shopping and bought stuff for breakfast, lunch, and dinner through next Sunday
-I cleaned out the fridge before putting the new groceries away
-I made myself dinner
-I finished my final paper for Minority Voices (just have to proof-read it tomorrow)
-I finished the 2nd to last chapter in my online math class and took the quiz
-I threw together a quick vegetarian chili in the crock-pot and set it on low so that it's ready for me to bring to school tomorrow (perhaps I'll post the recipe tomorrow if I have time).

Now I am in bed, getting ready to read until I fall asleep. It's incredible that a work day went so smoothly!

Oh, and remember how I mentioned that I get hooked on foods, my most recent one being dijon mustard? My newest obsession is clementines! Believe it or not, I have never had one before today. They were on sale at the store so I bought a box, and I had to pry myself out of the kitchen because I kept reaching back in for more. I would wager that I will consume at least 3 boxes before my obsession dies down.

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