Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm Not Crying

I'm not crying
It's just been raining...on my face
                             --Flight of the Conchords 
It is COLD today. Holy crap. I was wearing a million layers and gloves and a headband thingy to keep my ears warm, but my lungs were piiiiiiised at me. They were like, "hey...HEY! What are you doing! Go back inside!" I had tears streaming down my face from the cold, so I was singing the Flight of the Conchords song "I'm not crying" in my head, which amused me enough to keep me from being too crabby.
I went on a shorter run today because with the cold, I've been taking walking breaks to catch my breath and it sucks when you've been running and worked up a sweat and don't even notice how cold it is anymore, but then you start walking and all the sweat turns to ice. Instead of my 5k route, I tried out a new route which was about 2.25 miles. It took me through America's tackiest neighborhood. Three of the roads I ran on? Nonchalant Drive, Meditation Way, and Ho Hum Lane. Grooooooooan. Also, an enormous, unrestrained Cujo-esque dog barked at me, and an insane old man's dog barked at me, resulting in menacing cackling from the old man. I would say that that neighborhood is really falling short of their projected image.
I did have to take several walking breaks today, but I actually didn't feel bad about it. Now that I know the cold is making my little lungs hurt, I realize there is nothing I can really do about it besides use my inhaler and do what I can. I run until my breathing causes sharp pain in my lungs, then I walk just until it feels better, then I start again. I'm hoping that I will become acclimated to the cold and will be able to run a respectable distance without stopping for a break. Once I took this attitude and stopped beating myself up, I just relaxed and appreciated my exercise break (from math! yuck!) on this sunny day. I also think it really helps that I'm running some different routes, it keeps me from getting totally bored.
Stay tuned for a post about my latest food obsession: dijon mustard. Also, here is the video of "I'm not crying" for your enjoyment:

"I'm making a lasagna....for one...." !!!!

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