Wednesday, November 3, 2010

27 Minute Run

I was actually looking forward to my run today, if you can believe that. I got exactly 0 minutes of exercise yesterday because we drove down to NJ to visit Dan's grandma who is in the hospital, and today I have a ton of reading to do for my anthropology class so I'm feeling extra antsy.
I went out at noon and forgot to wear my hat, so the sun was glaring in my little eyes. Also, it was much colder than I thought, so I had tears streaming down my cheeks from the cold and my hands felt like blocks of ice. Before long I warmed up thankfully, and the run was good today. I added some distance to my route which ended up tacking on about 4 minutes to my run, making it just over 27 minutes. I was hoping that it would bump my run up to 30 minutes, so I'll have to add more next time.
I think this says a lot about how psychological the ability to run is: if I decide I want to run for 30 minutes but get back to the apartment at 27, I feel like I physically must stop. If I sneak the extra distance into the middle of the run, I won't stop until I get home, even if I get really tired, unless I really can't breathe (which rarely happens).
I'm glad that I'm firmly able to run 27 minutes at this point--I did 27:30 once, 28 once, and then today, so it was definitely no fluke. I actually felt really good until about 22 minutes, when my chest started feeling a bit tight, but I didn't take a walking break and I finished really strong--I was flying on that home stretch! I wouldn't say I liked my run today, but if every day felt like today I'd be happier. Usually I feel tired and grumpy. I have a crap ton of homework tomorrow, but I'm hoping to run again tomorrow. If so, I am going to run 30 minutes, damn it! That's my next goal, and it's kind of dumb that I haven't met it yet--it's only 3 more minutes.


  1. Running is indeed so much mental strength. When I know that I have only .5Miles left to go, I start thinking of every excuse under the sun to walk or stop running altogether... I have to force myself to run things to the end... I think you're being too hard on yourself. when you are ready to move up to 30min, you'll do it. I"m proud of you!!