Monday, November 15, 2010

You Think You're So Clever

That's me talking to myself. I had a little lightbulb go on over my head last night: since my dentist is so close to my apartment and I had to walk there anyway (damn sharing a car!) for my cleaning this morning, I put on my running clothes so that I could run home from the appointment! Wow, I'm a genius! Even though I don't have much time today because I'm about to revise a paper that's due tonight and then get crackin' on my insane amount of Anthro reading, I had to get home, didn't I?

Here was the flaw in my plan: I forgot that they load you up with stuff when you go to the dentist. I brought one check with me because I obviously didn't have a bag, and if all went according to plan, I would have nothing to bring back with me. But on my way out of the office, I was holding a toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, an appointment card, and a receipt. Um. I tried jamming everything into my sweatshirt pockets, but they aren't deep so it wouldn't stay. I tried putting some stuff inside my sweatshirt, but it just fell out the bottom. So I just ended up putting the stuff in my pockets, holding it down with my hands, and speed walked home. THIS IS WHY FANNY PACKS ARE PRACTICAL. Hmmph.

Some good did come out of my preparation, because I just threw all the crap in our stairway and went for a short run. I ran faster than usual (I don't know how fast because I don't have the fancy heart rate monitor I'm lusting after that monitors your speed!) because I knew I didn't have as much time so I wanted to get my heart rate up like a good exerciser. I am actually looking forward to tomorrow when I can go for a real run and perhaps meet my goal of 30 minutes. We'll see!

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