Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Couple That Exercises Together...

Since it was too crappy and rainy out for a run today, I finally convinced Dan to do 30 Day Shred with me! I've been trying to talk him into it for months! So he suited up in his Christmas exercise outfit:

And did his customary "eyes closed" pose. I'm telling you, it seems statistically impossible for my husband to have his eyes closed in so. many. pictures. But he manages it. He the proceeded to get his ass kicked by Jillian Michaels! Now he knows I wasn't kidding when I told him it was freekin' hard! We did level 2 and both nearly died. I am kind of terrified of level 3. I am so bad at level 2 that I won't have to face level 3 for awhile.
After we finished, I was feeling cocky so I announced I would be doing some Richard Simmons. Dan was completely defeated and headed off to the shower.
I proceeded to do 20 minutes of Richard Simmons, which also kicked my ass. I was really tired from 30DS, so it was hard. Also, I've done my Richard Simmons DVD enough that I know most of the moves so I'm just moving the entire time instead of standing there, staring at the TV like an idiot going, WHAT IS HE DOING?? I've mastered showgirl, angel, ballerina, rainbow, bow & arrow...the list goes on and on! Don't the names of the moves intrigue you? I bet anyone who reads this will immediately go to amazon.com and get a copy of "Boogie Down the Pounds." 

Once I was done with that, I felt lazy but decided to do some yoga because I knew I would be glad I did. And I am! I am not very good at yoga because I'm not super flexible (the lady on the video freekin' folds in half! What is wrong with her?!) but by the end of it I feel so extremely relaxed and melty...I should do it every day. My relaxation was interrupted today by Dan shouting "ARE YOU SLEEPING?" as I soaked up a few extra minutes in savasana. 

It feels good to be exercising again! On top of that, I got so much work done over break, and then I got all the work I needed to do today done so I just feel more in control of my life than I have since the beginning of the semester. It's a beautiful feeling! I somehow only have 2 weeks of classes left before finals. Wa-hoo!!  

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