Wednesday, September 29, 2010

grumpy runner

I was going to go on a run yesterday, but the weather was crappy. It was too warm and humid. I had a ton of homework today so I didn't think I'd be able to squeeze one in, but I started to feel a bit stir crazy and decided to go for it.
I looked around for my shoes forever until a clear picture of them in the backseat of the car, which was at a school in Queensbury where Dan was working, appeared in my mind. D'oh. The lazy child inside of me nearly ditched the run, but I decided to go out wearing a suuuuper old pair or running shoes (purchased my senior year in high school, if memory serves) which I KNOW I shouldn't have done at the risk of injuring my feet/joints. But I was already in my running clothes, and it seemed easier to just go on the run than change again. 
I headed out and hit the half mile mark at 4 minutes after nearly being clipped by a big black truck who was attempting to squeeze past me and another car coming towards him. As you may know, this is too fast, as I need to run a 10 minute mile in order to run my entire route. I slowed down a little bit, and when I was nearing the mile I realized that I was going to hit it at around 9 minutes. I slowed down even more. As I passed the mile, I started feeling a little grumpy and wanted to stop for a walking break because I had been going too fast and tired myself out, but I begrudgingly kept going because I know that I can. I brought it home in just under 15 minutes after nearly being run over by a fed-ex truck (who was looking directly at me as he made a left hand turn on top of me. nice.), so overall I stuck closely to my 10 min/mile rule. And was lucky to be alive apparently. I do miss living downtown for the access to sidewalks, which are completely non-existant in my neighborhood.
It was a really nice day for a run; it was a beautiful 70 degrees and the air smelled all fall-y. But I still managed to feel grumpy during and after my run because it was a hard one today. Dan was home when I got back, and I declared, "I HATE RUNNING!" Alas, I will continue to run. Every day is not like today, thankfully, and as I get back into it it will become easier. 

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