Thursday, September 23, 2010

Keeping It Up!

I went for another run tonight, and it was awesome. I brought a watch this time so I could track my pace, and it's a good thing I did because I was running too fast at first. I know that I need to be at about a 10 minute pace, and I hit the half mile mark at 4 minutes. Whoops. So I slowed it down and was able to complete my old route (1.5) miles without stopping to walk in just over 15 minutes. Of course, I wanted to stop and walk around a mile, like I did last time, because there is a crabby child inside of me who encourages me to be lazy at all times. I told crabby (really, I talk to myself like this. Does everyone do this?) "Come on now, you are not even winded or tired! You're just being lazy!" and I kept going. There is a certain point along my route where it would just be stupid to give up and walk because I'm only like a quarter of a mile away from home, so once I hit that I was very happy. I think that I'll run that route for a couple of days, then start increasing my time by 5 minute intervals. I'm really pleased that I'm so close to being as awesome as I was before I stopped running--only a half mile away!!
I need to get my own watch, because I wear Dan's, and besides being really big and looking ridiculous, I have absolutely no idea how to operate it, so I just push buttons like a monkey until I get the right screen. This generally takes about 3 minutes, but can take up to 6 before I give up. And there are only 4 buttons.
When I got home, I walked a few laps around my yard to cool down, and then came inside and did yoga for 30 minutes in the hopes that the stretching would stop my muscles from getting so sore this time. Either way, I love doing yoga. I kind of forgot how nice it is. And I have this theory that it is the perfect accompaniment to running because running makes your muscles so tight.
So, in conclusion, I am awesome :)

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