Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I have been seriously slacking on my running the past two weeks. It's ironic that I was motivated when it was 9 degrees out, but now that the weather is beautiful I can't get my butt out there. I want to run 3 days/week minimum, but I'd rather run 4. Last week and the week before I only ran 2 days each week. Boo! I have been really busy with school, but I have to get it together because everything seems more manageable when I'm running on a regular basis. Yeah mental health!
I have been getting a lot of exercise other than running. Dan and I went on a bunch of long walks last week, and we hiked Hadley on Saturday. But it's not running, and I'm quickly learning that running consistently is the key to it not totally sucking. The running that I have been doing is later at night and laps around our yard. Which is boring as hell, but our neighborhood is not safe to run in at night because there are no street lamps on the route I take, and the two other roads that I could run on are high traffic. I amuse myself by making Dan sit in a lawn chair in the middle of my loop and telling him the Others are coming each time I pass him. THE OTHERS! (I just started watching lost on hulu. OMG)
Today I went out on my regular route for the first time in two weeks, and it was tough. I reluctantly made it to that mile without a walking break, but it hurt. My legs are still a little bit tired from hiking Hadley, and I'm just plain out of practice. The good news is that I'm determined to be back on track no matter how crabby I feel about going out there.
You may have heard that my birthday is Saturday. Sigh. I'm going to be 25. 25 is no joke. That's it, it's over. I'm not a kid or a teenager or a youngster of any sort anymore. I'm firmly in the "adult" category. You know that 18-24 category they always have on surveys? I've always thought that was the BEST ONE, and soon I will be kicked out of it. I've almost come to terms with it, though. Almost. I've sculpted my ultimate dream weekend (well, the dream weekend of a college student splitting bills with a substitute teacher): Friday: party, then Dryer show (which I'm super excited about!!), Saturday: dinner and a movie with Dan, Sunday: hiking Buck mountain. It's going to be amazing.
Now I must go to my math-4-dummies class where I will do my reading for US History while rolling my eyes at and judging my classmates.

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